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Fees and Charges

We are essentially a FULLY BULKED BILLED Practice for Medicare services. We offer bulk billing to all regular patients holding a Medicare card, so there is no out of pocket cost for most GP services. However there are certain services like dressing change, procedures and iron infusion do carry out of pocket fees to cover our costs. 

We also have introduced new patient fees for the patients who have not been seen in the practice in the last 2 years. There is a 'No Show' fee charged if you failed to attend your appointment or do not notify us at least 2 hours before your appointment time either by phone, email or replaying to automated appointment reminder. 

Fees also apply to those patients who do not hold a Medicare card and for some consultation types such as pre-employment medicals and work-related injuries. You will be advised of the charges before the service is provided. 

The Overseas Visitors and Students who hold eligible private insurance cards (BUPA, AHM, MediBank, Allianz, NIB and others) will have no GAP fee. Please check with us at the time of booking. 

EFTPOS and Medicare rebates are available on the day.

For allied health fees, please enquire.

Results and Phone Calls

Results are confidential and cannot be given over the phone. You must book an appointment in order for us to give out the results of your test/s. This is to ensure the accurate results are given to the right patient by a professional medical staff.


Please allow at least 2 days for pathology and radiology results to be processed and checked by the doctor. Please note it is the patient’s responsibility to make an appointment to discuss any test results with a Doctor.


If patients wish to speak to the Doctor and the Doctor is unavailable, our experienced reception staff will be happy to take your details in a message and pass this on, as soon as possible. Either the reception staff or Doctor will return the call according to the urgency of the request.

Patient Privacy

​Burdekin Road Medical Centre is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of your personal health information. In accordance with the Privacy Act (1988) information about persons aged 16 years and over cannot be divulged to a third party without that person's permission. Accordingly, all patient consultations and medical records are kept strictly confidential and are only available to authorised members of staff. If you wish a third party to access your test results on your behalf, please advise the doctor or nurse so that an authorisation is signed and noted in patient records. A copy of our privacy policy can be obtained here

Reminder System

Burdekin Road Medical Centre uses a recall and reminder system. Occasionally you may receive a reminder notice offering you preventive health services or to remind if immunisations or tests are due. If you do not wish to receive the reminders please inform reception staff. 


We are competent at handling common health problems. When necessary, you may be referred to a specialist for further investigations and opinions. You can discuss this openly with your doctor.

Repeat Scripts

All requests for prescriptions and referrals will require you to make an appointment with your Doctor.

Access to information

The Doctor (or Practice) owns the record (and copyright) created in that Practice, including specialist reports. A patient has a right to access their information. They may ask to view the information or ask for a copy of a part or of the entire record. While not required to give reasons for their request, a patient may be asked to clarify the scope of the request. There are some circumstances in which access may be denied but in such an event, the patient will be advised of the reason.

Written consent is needed for release of medical record details

Deceased patients medical records need written consent from next of kin or executor of the will before they can be released. Proof of identity will be required.

Patients who would like a health summary sent to another health practitioner, need to apply with a written signature (free of charge)  A full set of medical notes will incur a fee.

Patient Feedback

We encourage your feedback at this practice, either verbally or in writing. If you think we can do something better or are pleased with the service you have been provided than please let us know.


However, if there is a problem which you wish to clarify you can contact the:


Health Care Complaints Commission

Locked Bag 18


NSW 2012


Ph: 1800 043 159

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